Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repairs for screens, batteries and more!

PC Repair

PC Repairs, just contact us with any issue you have!

Data Recovery

Data Recovery for any of your devices, just contact us!

Tablet Repair

Tablet Repairs for screens, batteries and more just contact us!

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repairs, just contact us with any issues you have!

Console Services!

Console services and repairs, contact us with your issue!

R.M.A Services

Manufactures can contact us for RMA services!

Home and Office IT Support

We can assist at home or office with IT support!


How long will my service take?

Most services do not take long at all – it depends on the necessity. Diagnostic can typically be done in under and hour, and the service time is dependent on diagnosis. We try to be as efficient as possible with your device repair and strive for fastest possible turn around. Let us know what you need and we will be glad to give you a solid estimate!

We provide speedy computer repair, laptop repair, computer component repair, virus removal/repair services and more. You can drop your computer or laptop off for quick in-house services, or we can provide remote services or on-site services as well. Our goal is your convenience.

Can i just drop my computer off and have it repaired?

Yes – We offer drop off service options at Cure-IT, so you can continue with your life while we fix your computer! Again, Your convenience is our goal!

We also offer remote access computer repair and on-site computer repair services for further convenience. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or office! Contact Cure-IT for more information today.


Yes we do sell PC computers and laptops – We also help you be sure you are buying the right PC for your intended use. Whether it be for work, play or other uses we want to make sure you have the right equipment to achieve what you need to with ease.

Contact our knowledgeable computer technicians to discuss your needs and the best options available.


We provide services for both personal and business computer usage. Our local computer repair shop in Bothasig can provide on-site or remote access help for PCs within your business for your convenience. For personal use computers – you can bring them in to our shop/drop off, or we can provide remote access/on-site services as well. Contact us about any PC tech support your after!

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