R.M.A Services

At Cure-IT you are perfectly welcome to have your circuit board soldered. We have all modern equipment that is needed to completely solder PCBs as desired. With us you can very specifically communicate your wishes to us, after which we will start with the PCB for you.


We can also carry out repairs on defective motherboards and printed circuit boards. The following components can be replaced: charging IC, battery connectors, wifi chip, audio chip, usb / hdmi input, car key button and so on.


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Game Console Repairs

Fast and professional repair of your game console PS3 Ps4 Nintendo Switch and XBOX 360, Ylod blue ray lens, replace HDMI port and more.

    • Do not play games, CDs, games, DVDs or Blu-ray discs or give an error message while playing.
    • Blu-ray laser lens is defective and needs to be replaced.
    • Hdmi port is damaged and gives no or black picture or no sound.
    • USB port is defective.
    • Start no longer or does not start
    • HDD (hard disk) to replace, expand or upgrade the firmware
    • The Dual shock 3, 4, controller does not connect to the PlayStation
    • Do not connect to the internet
    • Switch off the PlayStation 3, 4, automatically
    • Ps3 Ylod, Xbox Rrod Lens replacement and running repair
    • The CD or DVD is stuck and must be removed.

    The YLOD problem arises because the GPU is overheated. We can solve this problem with re-flowing, thus restoring the existing connections, we do this with a professional equipment BGA rework station. With the BGA rework station, your PlayStation will be heated to the right temperature, so do not be fooled by providers that use cheap hot air stations, which can damage your circuit board. All your data will be saved on your hard disk in a re-flow repair.

      Data Recovery!

      Data files, photos, movie files, documents, contacts lost or deleted from your mobile phone or tablet, computer or hard disk. We will retrieve it. You only pay if there is data to be collected, otherwise you pay nothing! We are one of the few specialized companies that can provide this service for you as a private individual or company! We retrieve your lost data files at a very competitive price.

      Especially from SMARTPHONES and TABLETS data can only be retrieved with highly advanced software and hardware. We can also retrieve deleted data.

      Our specialization is aimed at recovering your important data from your computer, external hard drive, memory cards, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, mobile phone, smartphone, tablet etc. after damage and / or breakdown of data carriers.

      With our company your data will be treated confidentially and we will conduct research on your important data in a professional manner.

      • Mobile phone
      • Smartphone
      • SIM card (photos / contacts / emails / text messages).
      • Internal HD personal computer, external HD.
      • USB sticks, memory cards or other memory carriers.
      • When your data is accidentally formatted / deleted.
      • If your CD / DVD-ROM is damaged due to aging.
      • If you have forgotten your Windows password.
      • In case of malfunctions due to viruses / deleted system files.
      • If your partition is deleted or inaccessible.
      • For file corruption of eg MS-Office files (Word / Excel / Outlook).

      Home and Office Repairs!

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